History of tea wholesaler Kaneshichi
Our Story

Kanesichi Hatakeyama Seicha Co., Ltd., a tea wholesaler in Kyoto that has continued since the first year of the Horeki (1751).
If you unravel the history of our company, you will see that Yajiemon Hatanaka, who was dedicated to the Kishu Tokugawa family during the Edo period, started a doctor family business in Kyoto.
The history of Hatakeyama began Machi-bugyō (town magistrate) Maeda Shima. suggests the grandson of Hatanaka, (Hatanaka Shinryu) to change name to Hatakeyama.
The establishment of the current tea wholesaler begins when 7th generation of Hatakeyama Nananoshin decides to move forward as tea farmer for family business.

Business went smoothly, and the 17th generation Shichirohei Hatakeyama had a factory as Hatakeyama Suisouen and started the manufacturing and wholesale business. It became a joint-stock company in the 18th generation of Tomizo Hatakeyama. Furthermore, from the 19th generation Keiichi Hatakeyama, he started the export business and began to spread the matcha culture overseas.

Approximately 270 years after its founding, Tomoharu Hatakeyama, the 20th generation, is working to expand the export of genuine organic matcha to the world without being bound by the conventional concept of tea specialty stores.