How to brew Sencha (green tea)

What to prepare

◯Measuring spoon

divide about 120 cc of boiling water between two teacups (60 cc each), and let the water cool to 70-80°C.

Add 1 tablespoon (5-6g) of tea leaves to the teapot.

Pour the cooled water from the teacup (70-80℃) into the teapot.

Put the lid on and wait for the tea leaves to steep. The steeping time is about one minute.

Pour the tea little by little so that the taste of the tea is evenly distributed.

Pour the tea into one of the two cups first, then into the other cup, then into the same cup again, then into the first cup.

Pour the tea into the cups in turn, squeezing out every last drop. A delicious sencha tea is ready.