How to make Matcha

What to prepare

◯Matcha bowl
◯Measuring spoon
◯Chashaku (tea scoop)


Using a chashaku, pour 1 cup (1.7 to 1.8 grams) of Matcha into the Matcha bowl.

※For best results, pour the Matcha through a sieve before serving.


Fill the Matcha cup about one-fifth full (60 to 70 cc) with hot water (about 80°C).


Place the tea whisk straight into the bowl and shake it back and forth to whisk the tea.


When the foam becomes fine and creamy, slowly move the Chasen around the surface to remove any large bubbles and create a smooth surface.


Finally, gently raise the Chasen around the matcha bowl in a slow "の" motion so that the foam rises in the center.

Your delicious matcha is ready!